5 Marketing Trends in 2020

It’s never too late to start

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Insight-Driven Marketing

As AI plays an increasingly major role in various stages of a business, from manufacture to sales, so has it also impacted the marketing aspect. One of the biggest and growing trends of the year is insights-driven marketing, in which data insights and analytic tools are used to optimize the performance of digital marketing.

Personalized Marketing

This will also be the year when personalized marketing becomes the norm and standard. Traditional marketing treats consumers as a generic group and doesn’t attempt to connect with them. While this worked for decades, it has become less effective nowadays.

Interactive Marketing

Interactive technology is constantly integrating into various platforms, from choose-your-own-adventure books to interactive films on Netflix and video games. This means that interactive marketing is becoming a big thing too!

Content Marketing

The heart of digital marketing is in the content you produce. As we have breezed through the first half of 2020, this adage has never been truer. High quality and informative content will attract more audience, and therefore consumers, than general posts that cannot give them any added value. Additionally, good content will put you on a place of authority as people learn to trust and turn to your expertise. It’s also great for ranking high in search engines.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

In the years prior to 2020, most businesses cared more about attracting as many new customers as possible. Less focus was put on retaining customers and gaining their loyalty.

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